My Current MOTD

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my MOTD (Makeup Of The Day). The only thing I do differently day to day is change what lipstick colour I use! However, I do get a lot of questions regarding what I use, so last year I filmed […]


My Week In Outfits! (12/07-16/07)

Sweater, Skirt and Coat- Collectif Clothing Petticoat- Malco Modes Shoes- Royal Vintage Shoes Bag- Vintage Dress- Miss Candyfloss Coat- Collectif Clothing Shoes- BAIT Footwear Belt- Kmart Cardigan Clips- Vintage Pin- Besame Cosmetics Bag- Vintage Sweater- Miss Fortune Skirt- Collectif Clothing Belt and Hairscarf- Pinup Girl Clothing Shoes- 19Black […]


Crimson Clover Obi Dress

Trashy Diva is one of the oldest vintage reproduction brands and one I have admired from afar but only recently acquired some pieces. The sizes of each piece seems to vary which combined with the higher prices (and expensive shipping) has put me off doing a order for […]


Black Vintage Lace

Last month I was hanging out at one of my favourite places with some of my favourite people- Tock Tick Vintage with Lavonny and Elizabeth J Photography! We had just finished up shooting for The Ultimate Pinup Experience with a lovely lady from Wellington and I was trying […]


My Week In Outfits! (05/07-10/07)

Dress- Miss Candyfloss Coat- Collectif Clothing Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing Shoes-  BAIT Footwear Petticoat- Malco Modes Bag- Glamour Bunny Top- Miss Candyfloss Skirt and Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing Shoes- Lola Ramona Petticoat- Malco Modes Brooch- Erstwilder Hair Flower- Sophisticated Lady Hair Flowers Sweater- Princess Highway Skirt- The Pretty […]


Julie Mollo Purple Gingham

Just over a year ago I introduced you to Julie Mollo– a Brooklyn based designer and stylist who creates fun, bold and fabulous pieces! I’m back with another one of her amazing Retroversible Circle Skirts and the matching Purple Gingham Bae Blouse for a delightfully sweet ensemble. The […]


Besame Victory Red Lipstick

I’m not one to get overly hyped out about new makeup products on the market, I’m pretty happy with buying cheap if it does the job or more expensive if that’s what’s needed, but I certainly don’t get caught up with brands. However, when Besame Cosmetics released their […]


My Week In Outfits! (28/06-02/07)

Cardigan- Dangerfield Clothing Skirt- V is for Vintage Shoes- Royal Vintage Shoes/ BAIT Footwear Belt- Vintage Hair Flowers- Sophisticated Lady Hair Flowers Petticoat- Malco Modes Bangles- Splendette / Vintage Dress- Miss Candyfloss Shoes- Miss L Fire Petticoat- Malco Modes Pin- Besame Cosmetics Top and Skirt- Vivien of Holloway […]