Miss VV Goes To TopVintage

Last week I flew to The Netherlands for a photoshoot with TopVintage Boutique at their headquarters in Kerkrade. It was a crazy busy 2 days but SO much fun. Everyone was incredibly friendly and kind and getting to meet/shoot with Vanessa Frankenstein and Ava Elderwood was such a […]


Bangle Stacking 101

Bangle stacking is like a fun puzzle I have to solve with every outfit I wear. I feel like there is definitely a art to it and that’s what inspired me to create today’s post. Earlier in the week I posted the Bangle Buying Guide and today I’ll share […]


Bluebelle Summer Polkadot Dress

I’d like to introduce you to a relatively new brand based in Singapore! Whilst Bluebelle has been around for a couple of years, up until recently they’ve only been stocking popular reproduction brands. Owner Ammy felt like there should be more Singapore based vintage reproduction brands to cater for the […]